It's almost time to start thinking about what treats you'll be handing out this Halloween. Following are the Top 5 Most Popular Candy Treats!

Whether you're thinking about 'snack size' or if you're going all out and getting full size candy bars for the masses of masked creatures that will be ringing your doorbell, below are the Top 5 Treats. I'm not surprised they're all chocolate-based!

#5 - The Kit Kat Bar. About 275 million of them are sold a year. 

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#4 - The iconic Hershey's chocolate bar


#3 -Fun Size Snickers. They are the third most popular candy for Halloween. 

#2 - M&M's used to be the top-selling candy but have slipped to second place.

#1 - Reese's peanut butter cups. There's still no wrong way to eat a Reese's and a whopping 400 million of them were sold last year, making them the most popular candy. 

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