My coworker Hilary has brought her man Rich to a lot of our radio stations events. I like to think Rich and I are pals and I'm not just saying that because he's famous now. We have selfies to prove it! So you can imagine my surprise as I am watching WMUR last night and I see Rich's cheery mug talking about dead squirrels! I am not excited about the dead sqirrels by the way, I feel sad for them. But it was exciting to see someone I know on TV.

Apparently, there have been more dead squirrels on New Hampshire roads this Summer than in years past. According to NH Fish and Game, last year was a high reproductive year for squirrels and the dry weather this Summer is causing them to leave the woods in search of food.

WMUR posted about this issue on their Facebook page and Rich chimed with a comment about how many dead squirrels he has seen this Summer. From there, WMUR reached out and asked if Rich would be willing to speak to a reporter. From then on it was a done deal! Cherise Leclerc rolled up to Rich and Hilary's home in New Market in the big WMUR van. All of the neighbors gawked in awe wondering how Rich became a TV star overnight. I just hope he remembers the little people!

Hilary Tirck via Facebook
Hilary Tirck via Facebook

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