There has to be a logical explanation, right?

A very mysterious incident that apparently occurred in the small town of Hudson in Penobscot County has those that follow unidentified aerial phenomena and alien believers, intrigued.

The incident happened in the early evening hours of Tuesday, December 14th, on an unidentified road somewhere within Hudson, and was reported to the National UFO Reporting Center three days later.  The entire occurrence lasted approximately 1 minute according to the anonymous reporter and whatever it was, was silent and hovering about 75 yards above the road.

Here's what he or she said: "A triangular craft was moving VERY slowly over the road. The front had three white lights uniformly spaced, and two smaller red lights beneath the middle white light. It was backlit by the sky (almost a full moon) so the triangle was very clear to see. The back came to a point and had no lights at all. So creepy! I gawked and then got TF out of there! Tried to take a video but it came out as a photo and all messed up."

Most will ask if this observation was truly legitimate and if it was, was the aircraft a drone of some sort?

I guess we'll never really know.

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There was another observation reported to the National UFO Reporting Center this month and it happened in Minot, which is a town to the west of Lewiston.  On Monday, December 13th, a craft was seen entering the atmosphere, and here's what that person believed that they saw.

"Craft entered atmosphere with red/orange glow very high from the outer atmosphere. Once entered, craft showed to be very bright white, flying in a straight direction with no contrail. Craft flew for approximately one minute then a visual contrail followed craft until it was out of sight. No sound at all was generated from this craft or for the duration of its flight while in view."

Once again, I guess we'll never really know.

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