The money Nashua Police are spending on overtime isn't nearly enough, according to the outgoing Police Chief.

Andrew Lavoie, chief of the Nashua Police Department and the Mayor of the city are at odds over a proposed budget. According to the Union Leader, the chief originally recommended a new budget of $31,830,112. However, Mayor Jim Donchess is proposing much less. $200,000 less. The Chief recently stated “We have been treading water for a decade, and in my opinion, that is not really the best way to do business. The money we have right now is just to get by.” According to the Union Leader, Nashua is spending an average of $30,000 a week in overtime costs. After shifting expenses, Lavoie said his division still needs $113,000 more than what the Mayor is proposing.

With an upcoming election cycle, major money will be needed, according to Lavoie. He cited providing detail for a sitting presidential visit can cost the department up to $20,000.

Lavoie told the Budget Review Committee “Everything we asked for is what we absolutely need.”


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