The Department of Health and Human Services is not playing around, even when it comes to football.

The NE Youth Flag Football League was fined $2,000 for violating NH’s Amateur and Youth Sports Guidance, according to

This stems from a two-day Summer Showdown tournament held August 21-23 at the Seacoast United Sports Complex in Epping, NH.  There were four teams involved with over 68 players in attendance.

According to, this was a no-no because of the emergency order that was issued due to covid. That order says in part: "No teams/groups/athletes other than from New England are allowed at competitive sporting events, training sessions, or practices in New Hampshire."

According to WMUR, teams from Ohio, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania were all allowed to compete, despite numerous warnings:

The Attorney General's office tells WMUR that the New England Flag Football League has already paid the fines.

WMUR says that the AG's office tells them that they are not aware of any Coronavirus cases that have stemmed from the tournament.


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