We've all been home for quite a while now.  We've binge watched tv, made a thousand trips to the refrigerator, organized the junk drawer for the 10th time. So what to do next?  For a lot of us, that's wasting hours on social media to pass the time.

So you find yourself scrolling through and come upon what looks like a fun survey.  What the heck...seems fun, so you start filling it out.

Well, New England Police Departments are warning that what seems like a fun survey is actually a great way for thieves to steal your information.  Chesire Police Department posted this on their Facebook page:

While it may seem harmless, surveys like these are a great way to guess your passwords and provide answers to your security questions.  So while it seems kind of fun and helps pass the time, it might not be worth it in the end.

So, take their advice and be careful out there!


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