Sergii Dibrova

I suppose the marketing team at Hersey had run out of ideas on what to call a new candy bar they developed.  Enter the internet.   According to the patch.com/Massachusetts/Framingham, a woman in Framingham won the contest with the suggestion of Whozeewhatzit.  You may have enjoyed a Whatchamacallit bar from Hershey recently and they are expanding their lineup of candy bars.  The new Whozeewhatzit will have peanut butter crème and rice crisps on the inside.


More than 43,000 people submitted their suggestion for the name of the new candy bar.  Hershey just released the winner's first name and last initial as Lisa M.  Most likely because Lisa M won a $5,000 and a year’s supply of the new candy bar.  I would be hitting her up for some candy.  I would never win a contest like “free candy for a year” because let me tell you, that would be a lot of candy. According to the patch.com/Massachusetts/Farmington, the new Whozeewhatzit will be released sometime in February.  Now I am hungry for a candy bar.  I don’t think I have ever tried the Whatchamacallit before maybe I should start there.


I have been to Hersey Park which is located in Pennsylvania and is very reminiscent of the Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Movie.  Chocolate is everywhere.  I ate so much chocolate that I got sick.  I am over that now so bring on the chocolate!  Maybe some chocolate ice cream and I will crunch up a candy bar on top.  Congrats to Lisa M. for coming up with a cool name that I will never remember.



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