It's something we've all seen on TV shows and movies plenty of times but probably haven't ever (and hopefully will never) experienced in person.

A man or woman is having a normal night and eating a meal at a restaurant when they randomly begin choking on their food.

But on Saturday evening at Tuckaway Tavern & Butchery in Raymond, New Hampshire -- one of the many restaurants in the area linked to popular local chef Bobby Marcotte, known for making countless appearances on the Food Network -- it was more than just a scene on a show.

It was reality.

Bobby Marcotte / Google Maps
Bobby Marcotte / Google Maps

According to a post made on the Tuckaway Tavern Facebook page (and later shared by Bobby himself), there was an incident earlier in the evening on Saturday that involved "an extremely serious choking incident which brought all seating and food service to a halt" during what the Tuckaway said was "a VERY busy service."

Thankfully, what followed wasn't the worst of people coming out, having already long wait times halted or being "forced out of the seats they waited so long to get," but instead the best of people being put on display.

Because during the "scary, beyond scary" incident, "something beautiful" was also witnessed. "An entire restaurant full of people with one thing pushing to the forefront, (the) one guest's well-being."

Thankfully, later that evening, the staff the Tuckaway received word that the customer who experienced the choking incident was going to be okay.

But everyone rallying to save the choking customer wasn't the only beautiful thing on display and to come out of the situation, because the universe's plan was also loudly on display.

In the comments section of the above Tuckaway post, a woman named Blair shared a mindblowing fact about that night that involved her boyfriend's father and brother.

The firefighter, Bob, was my boyfriend’s dad and his brother who happened to come to eat at Tuckaway from Waltham, Massachusetts for his birthday. This was their first time visiting Tuckaway, and thankful they did! God put them there for a reason!

And whether or not you believe in that kind of thing/"the universe," there's no denying the fact that these two specific firefighters -- who helped save this customer's life -- deciding to dine out over an hour away from their home is way more than a coincidence.

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