If you are wondering why Bill and I chose the coldest, windiest day to go have ice cream today I would say that is a fair question.

Here's the scoop. (see what I did there?)

About two weeks ago I conducted a poll asking our listeners which ice cream place serves up the meanest cone on the Seacoast. Dover Delite won by a landslide. I said Bill and I would go get a cone (or a cup if you're me) at the winning ice creamery once they were all open for the season. Well, they are all open now, so we went!

Here I am attempting to smile while working on the GOLF BALL sized chunk of cookie dough in my mouth.

Our scooper Rachel was very friendly and agreed to take a selfie with us despite the frigid temps.

I think it is safe to say that the rumors are true and Dover Delite is everything it is cracked up to be and more. The Big Breakfast will definitely be returning for afternoon scoops when mother nature stops being so testy.

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