I'm not sure if I can call myself a beer drinker. I like my beer to be light, fruity, and basically taste like juice. This is why at breweries I tend to gravitate towards ciders if they are available! Ciders never let me down, especially Downeast cider!

Downeast is a Boston based brewery that gives us cider lovers that brewery experience without having to pretend we like beers that taste like soap. (anything hoppy) They just teased us on their Instagram that they will be releasing a delicious grapefruit flavored cider very soon. Think Spring, people. Think Spring!

I think this cider will even appeal to the folks that tend to shy away from cider out of fear of it being too sweet. The grapefruit flavor is more tart than sweet and paired with the fizz of cider I can see it being a really good time! I can't wait to try it.

Oh and if you love beer of all colors and flavors, don't miss our party just for beer lovers happening in less than a week!

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