According to NBC news, In Darien, Connecticut the parents have become accustomed to popping into the elementary schools to check in on their children during lunch.

The superintendent released a statement prohibiting visits from parents/guardians. The visits were labeled distracting and counter productive for the children. The children are there to learn how to socialize with eachother and throwing a parent in there drastically changes the dynamic.

The parents are not taking the news so well. Parents are saying that they chose the town because of it's high-performing public schools. They should be allowed to be as involved in their child's education as they want to be even if that means at school visits.

I can't remember this ever being a thing growing up. The only time I would see someones mom or dad was on career day or when it was their birthday and they were bringing in cupcakes for the class. Don't these parents have work? I guess not!

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