What a brilliant idea. The fishing industry is struggling. Due to the coronavirus, all markets for fish and lobster have been shut down. Before COVID-19, many wholesalers and local restaurants picked up the fish. According to fosters.com, most Americans eat seafood that is imported so now is your time to pick up some fresh fish, like right of the boat fresh, and help local fisherman.

Linda Hunt head up the Yankee Fishermen’s Cooperative in Seabrook. She tells fosters.com “We are being safe, only letting in two customers at a time and keeping that 6-foot distance, but if I don’t have this store, these guys would be in trouble.” Yankee Fishermen’s Cooperative is located at 725 Ocean Blvd. in Seabrook.

Other efforts include those like the Southern Maine Crabs run by marine student Jillian Robillard. She set up a way to take orders on Facebook. She sets up weekly appointments and meets customers down at the docks. They are following safety guidelines such as masks, gloves, and sanitizer. They even put the cash they take and put it in a pillowcase and run it through the dryer. Let’s get out there and support local fishermen. What could be better than fish fresh off the boat?


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