Thanks to the Me Too movement and the Times Up movement, women's issues are really at the forefront of the news. So it makes sense that a new study ranked all 50 states from the best place for women in 2018 to the worst. It's based on everything from their average salaries to the quality of their healthcare.

And believe it or looks like New England is the best place in the United States for women to live. The study by WalletHub, found that Minnesota is the best overall state for women...again, factoring in average salaries, policies toward working moms, women's equality,  the quality of women's healthcare, and the crime rates against women.

Massachusetts and Vermont were second and third. Maine was in sixth place. Connecticut was eighth, and New Hampshire rounded out the top ten.

In case you're wondering...Texas was rated the WORST place for women.

Source: WalletHub


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