You know those stories you don't believe until you read them? This is one of those stories.

A Massachusetts Supreme Court out of Worchester had to rule if a burrito was considered a sandwich or not.

Let's back this up. How does this kind of question, the kind of question you ask after your third green tea shot, wind up in a Supreme Court case in New England?

I'll tell you...a suburban Boston Mall.

In 2006, Qdoba Mexican Grill wanted to move into some open real estate in a Massachusetts mall. Panera, who was already established in the mall, took exception to that.

Panera argued that its lease banned rival sandwich shops. According to a WIS10 article, "Lawyers for Panera went into court insisting a flour tortilla is bread, so a burrito is a sandwich."

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Qdoba brought in a respected chef who called that "absurd", which is hilarious.

This entire court case is outrageously funny.

And the ruling was just as funny as the question at hand.

According to a Michigan Journal of Race and Law article,

Judge Locke (the judge on the case) based his decision on "common sense" and a single definition of sandwich-"two thin pieces of bread, usually buttered, with a thin layer (as of meat, cheese, or savory mixture) spread between them.

Again, a hilarious court case that now is getting me thinking of other "sandwiches", like hot dogs.

Technically a hot dog is NOT between "two thin pieces of bread". However, bread is on each side of the hot dog.

I'm just playing, ya'll. A hot dog is certainly not a sandwich. And neither is a burrito. Silly case. Great entertainment.

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