Well, add another championship title for New England.

To steal a line from DJ Khalid "WE THE BEST" in New England.

Now here's a topic I personally know a lot about. I bagged groceries all through High School. There is nothing more satisfying than a perfectly packed bag of groceries. I like my eggs on top, my cold items with my cold items and I hate it when my chips are smashed.

Grocery bagging is an art form, or more like a sport for those of us that want to get in and out of the grocery store quickly. It’s nice to know that the superior baggers are being recognized and that grocery bagging itself is being honored for the sport that it is.

WMUR reported that Nicole Cote who works at Hannaford in South Portland, Maine, took home the big prize this week in the National Grocer Association Best Bagger Championship.

The contestants were judged in a number of categories such as weight distribution, speed, and technique.

Nicole Cote took home the grand prize of $10,000, the news station reported. New Hampshire’s Alex Gamache was also in the competition but did not have enough points to make the final round.

I am glad WMUR reported the National Grocer Association Best Bagger Championship and I hope it leads us to be more appreciative of a well-packed bag of groceries. Congrats to Nicole Cote of Maine!


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