In my house growing up, it was papa Lew who decided when the AC units would be turned on. He had all the power. When we would bellyache about how we were sweating our buns off he would say that when we start paying the electric bill, we can decide when the AC goes on! He also had to do the heavy lifting a lug the units upstairs from the basement. That was something my brother, mother, and I weren't willing to do.

Now that I pay my own rent and electricity bill, I get to decide when the AC gets turned on! One of the many joys of adulthood. If I am hot I can't sleep and therefore am a major Grumpy Cat (may he rest in peace). We installed the AC in our bedroom this past weekend and never looked back. Sure, it's a little earlier than we'd like but you gotta do what you gotta do!

Chio and I inquired today how this all goes down in your house. Our listeners came back with various interesting answers. I was surprised to learn that in many households it is the mama bear who decides, and even sometimes the pets!

Who makes the call in your house?

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