I recently wrote about one of my first jobs right here on the Seacoast – ripping tickets at the Hampton Cinemas Six (and for a while, serving as a go-to movie critic for a world-famous New England author).

With some theater chains struggling financially, I fear cinemas are back on the Endangered Species List. So riding the wave of responses I got from readers recalling their memories of the late, great Newington Mall (and to try and rally moviegoers), I asked readers and listeners on the Seacoast to share the best movies they saw at the Hampton Cinemas.

Kim went on a first date to see “An Officer and a Gentleman” in 1982. It must have gone well, as she and her husband celebrate 40 years together this year.

Jane remembers seeing “Rocky 3” and “E.T.” at the HC6, while her friend Michelle took in the Stephen King classic “The Children of the Corn" (that’s also what I called my friends who worked concessions).

Another Michelle and her husband went to a late screening at the Cinemas, where the pair were the only ones in the theater. Their motorcycle ride home marked the first time she saw the traffic lights on Route 1 start blinking yellow after midnight.

Caroline grew obsessed with the “Spider-Man 2” soundtrack while working at the Hampton Cinemas, but later iterations of the franchise have no doubt left her feeling "Vindicated."

Dan remembers seeing “Heat,” “Saving Private Ryan,” “The Lion King,” and “Titanic.”

Justin also saw “Titanic,” and firmly believes there was ample room on that floating door for Jack.

Daniel saw “Batman” in 1989, as did Tyler, who refers to Michael Keaton as the only true Batman. Hopefully they had an easier time than I did piecing it together that Batman and Bruce Wayne were one and the same (I was 6, cut me some slack).

When John was 9, his dad took him to see “The Mighty Ducks,” but he had the misfortune of falling asleep midway through the movie (I won’t spoil the ending, in case it’s still on his must-see list).

Meanwhile, Tom saw “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Secret of the Ooze,” which he calls “The ‘Citizen Kane’ of our Generation.”

The first movie Becky ever saw at the Hampton Cinemas was “Beauty and the Beast.” Hopefully, she did a better job holding in her laughter than my friend Danny and I when we saw the Beast’s...uh...rather delicate facial features when he regained his human form.

As I drive down Route 1 in the Hamptons, I often see some buildings for lease or land that could be developed and think, “Hmm…that would make a really cool place for a small movie theater.”

So, say the Hampton Cinemas came back. What would be a good place for it? Send your suggestions to Jon.Rineman@townsquaremedia.com.

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