Much like the Kenny Chesney concert, I was holding out hope for the Deerfield Fair.  It's the last state fair of the season, and there was hope that it could still happen.

The Deerfield Fair was one of the first fairs I went to when I moved back to New England.  They had tons of horse events which I love, cattle pulls and even a pig scramble!  Fun rides, great food, and really good music all could be found there.

The fair's board of directors met this week and put it to a vote.  Unfortunately, the majority voted to cancel, according to WMUR.  Fair vice president Richard Pittman told WMUR there were many concerns including traffic and  figuring out how to keep the limit of fair goers to 50% capacity.

According to Concord Monitor, Pittman said:

“There really wouldn’t have been much of a fair, it would have been horrible compared to the reputation we have for being the finest family agricultural fair."

It's a tough time for the fair.  Pittman tells Concord Monitor that they will need to dip into their "rainy day" fund for about $500,000 to cover expenses.

Pittman says that he appreciated the support he's been getting from the community and appreciates them understanding that it's not feasible to open this year.

The Deerfield Fair has been around for 144 years and is New England's Oldest Family Fair.  In 2018 they weighed in the largest pumpkin ever recorded weighing 2528 pounds!

The Deerfield Fair Association issued a press release saying that planning for the 2021 Deerfield Fair "will begin immediately and will be bigger and better than ever before!"


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