Turkey Trots might be rough sleddin' first thing Thursday morning.

Thanksgiving week is already one of the most hectic of the year. Coordinating the big dinner on Thursday, hosts making sure everyone in the family is accounted for, and of course Black Friday. Throw in the busiest travel day of the year on Wednesday, and the last thing you really need is a snowstorm.

However, that's just what Mother Nature may have ordered for Thursday.

According to New Center Maine's Todd Gutner, there is a possible storm on the horizon which could cause travel problems Wednesday night through Thanksgiving morning. Gutner says the storm will arrive in the Gulf of Maine late Wednesday/early Thursday. The storm will strengthen and draw down colder air from Canada and Northern Maine. A flip from rain to snow will occur late Wednesday night.

While most of the accumulating snow will occur in the foothills and mountains, it certainly looks like everyone will get a touch of the white stuff, even the Seacoast. You can still have your annual post-Thanksgiving football showdown, conditions will be just a little more hazardous than normal.


And if you still need some snow-related items...

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