If you know how to knit, crochet or if you have any brand-new stuffed animals that are not being used, the Manchester Police Department would love to hear from you!

The Manchester PD is in urgent need of stuffed animals and here's why:

Donations of new or hand-made stuffed animals could bring comfort to a child in need. According to a social media post by the Manchester, New Hampshire Police Department...

Every child deserves to feel safe and cared for and it’s a priority for those involved in the Adverse Childhood Experiences Response Team. Better known as ACERT, it’s designed to help children who are exposed to violence. The team is made up of a police officer, a crisis services advocate, and a community health worker who respond to incidents as soon as the scene is secured by law enforcement. Each child receives not only support and resources, but also a stuffed animal. Those toys are often handmade, and give children who have experienced trauma a feeling of comfort. ACERT’s supply of stuffed animals is running low and we don’t want anyone to go away empty handed. If you are crafty or can crochet or knit we would love to hear from you. Donations of handmade or brand new stuffed animals are welcome at the Manchester Police Department and you can also call Mara Rouleau directly at 603-792-5557. We cannot accept used toys.

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