A Portsmouth, New Hampshire man frustrated with lack of baby changing stations on the seacoast took to Facebook to vent. Turns out he was far from alone.

According the Union Leader, a friend urged 33 year old Chris Mau to make the Facebook post public to spread awareness about the fact that many men’s rooms do not have appropriate accommodations for fathers with babies and small children.

The inspiration for the post came last month. Mau was on a walk with eight month old Kali, her sisters, and his fiancee Aleasha Elderkin , and Kali’s diaper needed to be changed. The stopped at Lafayette Road McDonald’s in Portsmouth, and Mau took the baby into the men’s room. There, he found there wasn't a changing station in the public restroom. He grabbed a towel out of the stroller and laid it out on the floor so he could put a clean diaper on Kali. This was not the first time it has happened.

Mau told the Union Leader he was amazed this was a problem in 2018. As a result of the post, he said people from Germany, Brazil and Canada have reached out to him. “It literally just exploded worldwide, I’m honestly pretty dumbfounded with the huge response I’ve gotten."


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