The forest path before you is dusted with snow.  There is an eerie silence after the snowfall and you hear the echoes of what you believe is a group of party-goers ahead of you.

You just might be hiking around Madame Sherri’s Mansion in Chesterfield, New Hampshire.

I saw a list of ghost towns in New Hampshire on and thought a few would be perfect for some winter hikes.

According to, Madame Sherri moved from Paris to Chesterfield, New Hampshire, in the 1930s and she was quite the partier. Her mansion burned down in the 1960s, but some hikers claim they can hear the ghosts of former partiers laughing at the site while exploring the ruins.

This one is on my list to explore. I can just imagine walking around there. I wonder if I'd hear any ghosts in the area.

The next one I want to visit for a hike is the Isle of Shoals.

This picturesque little island was the scene of two grisly murders, according to, as two girls were strangled to death and a third was found hiding among the rocks.  The vicious attacks were known as the Smuttynose Murders and happened back in 1873, the site stated.

The young woman that survived was able to identify her attacker who was eventually tracked down and captured in Boston and was executed in Maine, reported.

Ghost hunters still believe that the women haunt Marens’ Rock and you can hear the howls of the ghosts.

I have to try this one, haunted hikes are my favorite.

Are there any other haunted places I should try? I've been looking for a new place to hike.

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