Bullying has gotten worse and worse over the years.

Back 10, 20, and 30 + years ago, bullying was different. It was face-to-face. It was mean words, sometimes fists, and that was pretty much it.

If someone wanted to bully an individual in 1990, they would need to do it in person. That takes gumption. Whether it was bullying with words or with physical violence, the bully had to do it publicly, or at least face-to-face.

Nowadays, bullies are worse. Bullying is almost easier...

Bullies have the ability to hide behind their screens. They can cyberbully and make a fake identity. I know it sounds crazy, but it is happening all over the country.

As it turns out, New Hampshire has the #1 worst online bullying problem in New England.

Bullying is dangerous to our youth in more ways than one. "Research shows that schools stand to lose millions of dollars in attendance-based funding due to students staying home to avoid bullying," according to WalletHub.

So not only are youths being targeted across platforms they see 24/7, but they are avoiding school, which should be their safe space, in order to hide from the shame that comes with bullying.

"In light of this serious issue plaguing our youth, WalletHub measured the prevalence and prevention of bullying in 47 states and the District of Columbia to help bring awareness to its harmful effects not only to America’s young people but also to society as a whole," according to a WalletHub article. "We examined each state based on 20 key metrics, ranging from the bullying-incident rate to truancy costs for schools to the share of high school students bullied online."

Source: WalletHub

So, New Hampshire did not do well.

The 603 was ranked as the 14th state with the biggest bullying problem.

Other New England states have bullying "under control", or at least FAR more under control than New Hampshire.

Massachusetts is the state with the second least bullying incidents, according to WalletHub.

Maine was not too far behind. Maine ranked 5th overall as the state with the least bullying incidents.

Maine has the lowest share of high school students involved in a physical fight on school property, 3.20 percent, which is 4.6 times lower than in California, the highest at 14.70 percent.

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