Produce theft is a big problem, it's on the rise and the people doing the stealing are just like you and me!

Agricultural theft isn't new, but it seems to be growing, as is the frustration among farmers.

At Applecrest Farm in Hampton Falls, owner Todd Wagner said that thieves he recently caught were well-organized and related.

"Grandma, grandpa, kids, aunts, uncles, probably a dozen of them," Wagner said. "They were very organized. They bought a few half-bushel bags."

Wagner said the group spent the day shuttling bags of apples to their car.

"When I finally caught them, they had five 55-gallon trash bags," he said. "An entirely full minivan full of stolen fruit."

Rido - Fotolia

Can you imagine meeting up with your relatives so you can rob an apple orchard. What's this world coming to?

Some farms now hire security to patrol the parking lot on busy weekends, and they have installed surveillance cameras and signs.

Next time you go picking apples, Big Brother will be watching you!