The most popular costume theme this year in the Granite State is "soooooo awesome."

You've heard the saying 'everything old is new again.'  This year, one of the funniest parts about actually growing up in the 80's is watching kids embrace it all over again. Cassettes are selling in numbers not seen in years, fashions have come back, and this Halloween, kids can't get enough of the 80's!

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I was/am Stuart #throwbackthursday #cassettesingle #winger

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Much of the latest wave of 80's nostalgia can be credited to the success of Netflix's Stranger Things. According to AT&T, which recently ranked the most popular Halloween costumes by state, New Hampshire ranks 80's retro as the most popular "costume." I used quote marks because we both know there are certain areas of the state which may have never even LEFT the decade.


So, while much of Maine are busy dressing as pumpkins, (kinda limiting if you ask me) and Massachusetts is full of mice, (mouse is #1 on their list) our kids are letting the 80's fashions fly.

Oh, and yes. The pic was me in 1986. Carry on. 


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