Have you noticed that Thanksgiving is still days away, but Christmas decorations are popping up like mushrooms?  It must be a 2020 thing and I’m not complaining.

I need some holiday cheer.

With many towns moving to virtual tree lighting ceremonies and the canceling of holiday parades and everything being closed it’s a bit gloomy.

According to WMUR.com, if you really want to see a spectacular display of holiday cheer from the socially distanced view of your car window, you should head over to Mt. Vernon Drive in Pelham.

The Sanzo family has been working on their Christmas display since July.

Kendra Sanzo tells WMUR.com “Usually, we don’t turn on the display until Thanksgiving night. This year we did it early and already we have folks coming by that are catching us outside saying, ‘Thank you, thank you.  We needed this.’”

The Sanzo family display on Mt. Vernon Drive in Pelham features 102 inflatables and more than 200,000 thousand lights, according to the news station.

But you might notice that more and more families are putting up their displays early.  And not only are these wonderful displays of holiday cheer going up early, but many are also planning to keep them up long after January.

I am anxiously awaiting the tree lighting in Rochester which is scheduled for December 4th this year.  The tree is right outside my apartment building and the tree itself is already up.  I can’t wait to see the lights turn on.



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