When Angie Diorio retired from nursing, she kept her license inactive status because she had a feeling, she might need it someday, according to WMUR.com.

Then BAM a pandemic hit.

She and her husband were on a ski trip to Austria when news of the pandemic hit, the news station reported, and they came home and while on their quarantine, her husband came down with symptoms.

Turns out he tested positive for COVID-19. Happily, for Angie and her husband, he has made a full recovery and is doing his part as a plasma donor, WMUR stated.

When New Hampshire said that they were seeking retired nurses and health care workers to help in the vaccine volunteer effort, Angie knew that’s what she kept her license active for!

Diorio tells WMUR.com, “I think there is a saying, that once a nurse, always a nurse.”

Diorio has been putting in some long hours at the Londonderry vaccination site volunteering for three 10-12 hours shifts a week, according to WMUR, and she can deliver about 100 shots per day.

What a health care hero Angie Diorio is.  Because of her help more of us will get to hold our grandchildren and travel and hopefully be part of putting an end to this pandemic.  Volunteering really can make a difference in our community and Angie hopes that by sharing her story, that others will heed the call and volunteer.  Stay Safe out there!


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