This artsy paradise at a summer camp in Strafford is begging for you to visit.

Project, cabins and day in the life at Beam Camp in Strafford, NH
Beam Camp via Facebook

Imagine how cool it would be to spend the day walking in the woods and come upon a flip-book like a really BIG flip-book. You can if you visit Beam Camp next summer where these creations reside.

Beam Camp is a New Hampshire summer camp in Strafford dedicated to teaching kids about creativity through building and making—to design the kinetic sculptures, which they call "Universal Play Machines."

Emily Wilson
Beam Camp via Facebook

Tucked away in the forests around little Willey pond, somewhere just outside of Strafford, is a family of giant metal boxes.

Each one is filled with 50 drawings and rigged with a system of gears that lets you crank through the images with the turn of a handle.

As the illustrations flip past, they combine to form a simple animation. They’re like those flip-books you used to play with as a kid, only much, much bigger.

The kids at the popular summer camp helped to design and build these big flip-books in the woods, an endeavor they're quite used to. The Beam Camp will actually solicit project ideas from the public and after choosing some, will tackle them all year to create something magical.

In addition to the giant flip-books, or "Universal Play Machines," the kids at Beam Camp also built a "Pipe Tree" this year.  

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