9Round Fitness, Studio One Cycle, High Definition Modern Fitness Via Facebook
9Round Fitness, Studio One Cycle, High Definition Modern Fitness Via Facebook

Winter is fast approaching, and that means the HOLIDAYS are coming!

Soon, you will need to make some room for Grandma's cooking.

However, there is a way to steer clear of gaining a few pounds, also known as the winter waistline.

Here is a list of workout classes in New Hampshire that may be worth checking out. Also, the sooner you start, the happier both you and Grandma will be, as we all know she won't let you leave the table unless your plate is clean.

With the colder weather coming, it is a little difficult to get some quality exercise in New Hampshire. This leads to many of us having to work out either in the cold temperatures outside or purchasing a membership at a gym that we all know we will never use.

Unfortunately, New Hampshire residents are not blessed with having warm weather all year around (I really wish).

Recently, some of my friends and I have been on the hunt for fun workout classes. Depending on how much YOU are willing to spend, some of the workout classes listed below are a little pricy. In my personal opinion, I prefer buying a membership rather than a one-time pass because then I feel more pressured to go (buying a membership with a friend also helps).

If you are like me and struggle with working out on your own or need an instructor to push you during your workouts, then you should check out the following places below!

Let me know if you have been to any of these workout classes! What's the best workout class you've ever done?

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