Adam Sandler being Adam Sandler, am I right?

Last week, Adam Sandler was playing pickup basketball at a public NYC court when a few BIG names and random locals hopped in.

This started with the iconic rapper, J Cole.

You know J Cole...Cold. World. Crooked Smile, No Role Modelz, Work Out, Middle Child, the list of hits goes on and on.

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Anyway, the A-list rapper headed over to play pickup when Adam Sandler was already balling.

"A video (below) shows Cole and Sandler playing with Detroit Pistons player Hamidou Diallo and viral street baller Georgia Messiah," according to a Complex article.

And MAN, these guys can ball!

This is pretty common for Adam Sandler. This is what he does. He shows up in whatever outfit of the day he is rocking, and levels with people.

I love that he is in a pink polo and pink shorts. He doesn't care about dressing to impress.

When Sandler is not working on a movie, the New Hampshire native can be found hanging around public courts trying to get some basketball in.

As it turns out, J Cole does the same.

Some of the comments from the post had me cackling. Please read the comments below, all made anonymous.

"Sandler looks like a jaded suburban dad but is somehow worth hundreds of millions and can ball."

"Most humble celebrities out there."

"The real white men can’t jump that we needed."

"So he really does dress like that lol."

"Buddies worth hundreds of millions of dollars and instead of flexing his money on cars, he’s out on the streets of New York playing ball."

"Adam Sandler has got to be the most chill multi-millionaire ever."

"How it be the one day you skip school."

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