Ever have a bout of insomnia? There's not much worse than lying in bed, trying to fall asleep, but thinking about everything that happened today...worrying about what's going to happen tomorrow...and then trying to calculate if you fall asleep right now how much sleep you could get before the alarm goes off.

Experts offer up all sorts of tips on how to combat not being able to fall asleep. But most of us just pick up our phones, scroll social media, or watch cat videos.

Or else...you flip on the TV and watch infomercials. I can't tell you how many times I've propped up the pillows and watched someone try to sell me something I don't need or really want. But in my haze of sleeplessness...suddenly I think to myself, "Ya know...I really could use the Potato Express." Then when it arrives a few days later I'm filled with shame and regret. And suddenly remember I'm on a diet and limiting carbs. UGH!

I guess I shouldn't feel too bad. We all know someone who's fallen for those late night gimmicks. As a matter of fact, AT&T just released a study done by All Home Connections, that details the products people from each state bought after watching those late night infomercials.

AT&T Savings
AT&T Savings

Here in New Hampshire, we're probably awake because our pillows are just horrible. At least that's my take away after seeing that we bought more My Pillow's than any other state in the nation. Meanwhile, Mainers are all about the Shamwow. And really...can you blame them? That Vince is a heck of a salesman.

I had no idea the people of Massachusetts loved rotisserie chicken. Don't believe me? They bought enough Showtime Rotisserie's to put the Hannaford deli department out of business! In Vermont they love their pajamas...and their jeans. And really...why should you have to choose between the two...when you can wear the Pajama Jeans. Like their ad says...Pajama's you live, Jeans you sleep in.

So no matter if you bought a Bowflex, a Sticky Buddy, or the Slice-o-Matic...I hope at the end of the infomercial you finally dozed off and got a few winks. And the next time you feel like you can't sleep...maybe you just do what my Grandpa did; have a glass of warm milk, get some fresh air, and count sheep.

Sleep tight.


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