It seems everyone knows someone whose lives have been touched by the epidemic of opioid addiction that is plaguing this country.  It crosses age, gender, and socio-economic classes. reports that a new law set to take effect next year will require pharmacies in New Hampshire to place large bright orange stickers on the cap of opioid prescription bottles that says “OPIOID” in addition to a warning label that says, “Risk of addiction and overdose.”  In addition, with every opioid prescription, the pharmacies will be required to hand out information flyers warning of the risks of addiction.

According to, the new law hopes to encourage those who receive a prescription for opioids to understand the risk and to seek proper disposal of the medication when no longer needed.  Heartbreaking stories have been told around the county about family members that were prescribed opioids for pain, stopped taking them when no longer needed and left the balance of the bills in family medicine cabinets where curious teenagers have experimented with them.  So many families have been affected by the addiction crisis.  This is one more step towards awareness and hopefully prevents needless deaths.




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