So exciting for me, I am a foodie. By far the best sub I have ever had at a Jersey Mike’s in San Diego, California.  I know, weird sentence, right? I had lived in New Jersey for about 14 years and moved to San Diego, California in 2013.  One afternoon my co-worker said, “let’s go get some sandwiches, I know a great place” and we walk into a Jersey Mike’s Sub shop. I was floored.  I had lived in New Jersey for years and never heard of this place and here they were right smack in Southern California.




Jersey Mike’s announced on the website that they will be opening a new New England location in Exeter this May.  I have followed this company ever since I had my first sub and they have experienced explosive growth.  The success behind the company is many things but for me, I love the quality product, great customer service, and the way this company gives back to the community.  Before you go, make sure you ask for a sub ‘Mike’s Way’ which is an Italian with onions, lettuce, tomatoes, vinegar, oil, and spices.  The “Juice” according to their website is the combo of red wine vinegar and a blend of olive oil.  It’s the best sauce I have ever had on a sub.



Each store partners with a local charity in each community where they have a store and they give back by offering what’s known as a #dayofgiving.  They give back 100% of the sales from one day in March to that local charity.  According to, since 2011 they have raised over $30 million dollars for local charities. They make a great sub, but I love that they make an effort of supporting the locals wherever they have a store.  Make sure you mark your calendars for May when they will be opening their new store in Exeter.



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