After I wrote about a few weeks ago, the plan to open hair salons and barbershops was not a hit with operators of those businesses.  A new plan reworked so that salon owners would not have time limits placed on them is in the works and awaits approval by Governor Chris Sununu and NH public health officials according to reporting from usnews.com.  The new recommendations would also allow a maximum of seven workstations per 1,000 square feet.  That means that the limits on just a root touch up would be gone.  A public input session was held on Friday and salon owners and tattoo artists participated in the call.  Estheticians noted that requiring clients to wear face masks for facials would defeat the point of getting a facial.

Many hair salons also offer treatments by estheticians so including rules for facials will be important as part of the state’s plan to open salons. The group that is in charge of the reopening plan heard from tattoo artists, salon owners, estheticians, childcare workers, and those that own lodging in the granite state per reporting on usnews.com. In developing the reopening plan, it just makes sense to hear from the professionals that are working in the field to get their input on a plan that will work for their clients and keep their employees and customers safe while still providing the service. What doesn’t make sense is the original reopening plan that allowed hair salons to limit the time spent by clients in the salon. 

Some common sense should prevail with local public health officials.  Sure, a guy with a basic hair cut can get in and out quickly but some of the coloring processes that colorists perform can be very time consuming and it’s a huge source of income for salons. Thank god I'm a man because I just got my haircut at Loaded Dice Boston Barbers in Rochester and I was in and out. I mean it was a little different because I had to sign up outside then wait to be called by the barber who was using a bullhorn then they took my temp plus I had to sanitize my hands before entering the shop.  Memorial Day is the kickoff to the summer tourist season so hopefully, the governor can act quickly to provide relief and clear guidelines for those that own lodging and seasonal cottages.  According to usnews.com Sherry Waring, who owns the Twin Mountain Cottage in Carroll told reporters “I know the governor’s intention was to keep out-of-state residents out of New Hampshire; however, that’s not working.”



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