Self care is having a serious moment, and if I haven't made that clear, I am a huge proponent of it. Taking care of your physical and mental wellbeing is no longer looked at as an unnecessary indulgence. It is an integral part of living a balanced life. How are you supposed to show up as your best self to work or in your personal relationships if you don't take care of yourself?

I am not a big car guy, but will try this analogy out. If you put too many miles on your vehicle without routine tune-ups and fluid changes, you will eventually break down. When that happens to our bodies, AAA isn't there to save the day. It can mean getting sick, days off work, mental health issues, and all kinds of not-fun stuff we don't want to deal with.

I had been hearing lots of buzz around a spa in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Ash Alchemy, and couldn't wait to see it for myself.

Owner Tanya Hart explains the concept of Ash Alchemy in such beautiful detail in an Instagram post:

"ASH ALCHEMY is named for the phoenix, who rises up from the ashes and reborn. My vision for this space is to help you (and me) connect to our roots through mindful connection, intuitively designed services and specially curated biodynamic and organic products. We offer energy work, cardology, hair, skin, foot soaking and sauna. Our ASH ALCHEMY team has been chosen for their passions and to share their true gifts of healing with you."

And heal we will!

I had a 30 minute foot soak and massage with Kass, who was nothing short of delightful. I loved her energy, and she really worked the tension out of the arches of my feet, which I appreciated wholeheartedly. I will definitely book another treatment with Kass very soon.

Tanya and the whole staff at Ash Alchemy were so kind. They answered all of my questions, and let me poke around and take approximately a million photos.

Here's a look inside the organic, holistic, modern spa in Portsmouth, Ash Alchemy. Get ready to be totally obsessed with it.

Inside Portsmouth, New Hampshire's Holistic Spa, Ash Alchemy

Portsmouth's newest organic, holistic, spa is worthy of the hype! Take a look inside.

Gallery Credit: Kira Lew

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