I'll never understand this and I'll never support this at all, and it honestly makes media look SO bad. And the fact that Mandy Moore is a local girl just makes it even more infuriating for no other reason than...she's OUR girl, right? We look after and support our own, and the fact she's from Nashua, New Hampshire means that we ALWAYS have her back.

Last night, Mandy took to the Story feature on her Instagram account to call out a publication, although she didn't FULLY call them out since she didn't identify which publication it was, for a pretty disgusting display of "professionalism" (and it wasn't professional at all, really.)

According to a story in BuzzFeed, Mandy was scheduled to have an interview that was more of a life and career retrospective, but after Mandy (through her agent, it seems), told the publication (who she never revealed, by the way) that she wouldn't talk about her ex-husband, Ryan Adams (who she and several other women accused of relationship abuse back in 2019), they pumped the brakes, sending this message back:

Mandy Moore via Instagram Story

So, Devil's Advocate real quick -- I get what the publication is saying in its response. Yes, technically, if it's a life and career retrospective, Ryan Adams played a major part in Mandy's life since they were dating and married and divorced and he left her with a lot of trauma. So I understand what they're saying. THAT SAID, though, don't you think the proper response would've been, "We meant no disrespect, we were just thinking of including all aspects of her life since this is a life and career retrospective article, but we fully understand where she's coming from and we'll definitely ignore that topic and not reference it at all."

But no, instead, they completely DISREGARDED Mandy's feelings because why? They were upset that they wouldn't be able to get some fresh, new quote that they can use in their headline so get some clicks and make some money? I get it's a business, but we're talking about real life here, and Mandy went through trauma in her real life that she DOESN'T need to rehash just to line your pockets, dummy publication.

It seemed like Mandy was going to stay silent on it at first, but when she woke up ready to bench press Buicks and flip buildings over, she decided to share the email they sent back to her, but not with any identifying characteristics or even naming her ex-husband. (Her response is on the very right side of the screenshot from her Instagram story.)

Mandy Moore via Instagram Story

Good for Mandy for putting her foot down and basically saying, "Know what? BUZZ OFF!" As she mentioned in her response, she's about to give birth any second and she has MUCH MORE IMPORTANT THINGS to focus on than lining your pockets with clickbait (PERFECT term she used) about someone who brought a lot of negativity and trauma to her life.

What ever happened to respecting personal boundaries? What ever happened to actually LISTENING to the words that are being spoken or written to you, instead of just hearing them? There's a difference. Good for Mandy for standing up for herself, and especially knowing that SHE doesn't need this publication or this article -- THEY need HER.

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