Sunday morning coming down took a reckless turn for one Hinsdale man.

Sunday morning took a scary turn for Wayne Morse Jr. who reportedly crashed his car in Winchester.

Morse, in full panic mode after allegedly crashing a car drunk shortly before 8am reportedly told passers-by not to call the police, according to the Union Leader.

Furthermore, he allegedly removed the license plates from a wrecked vehicle.

Winchester Police Sgt. Dean Wright arrived at the scene and saw Morse walking away from the crash, up the hill and into the woods, according to police. The Police Sgt. ordered the suspect several times to stop walking away and return to the crash site, police report.

Morse was arrested and charged with driving under the influence, a second offense of operating after suspension, misuse of plates, disobeying a police officer, and reckless operation, according to the Union Leader. He also had to receive medical attention, based on his alleged impairment level.

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