Dads are the best. They are always good for one liners, cringe worthy dad jokes, and pearls of wisdom that make you scratch your head and say..."What the heck does that mean?" We appreciate all that our dad's do for us and want to show them how much we care this Sunday.

Dad's can be really hard to shop for, though. We never know what the heck to get them for Father's Day. It's a tale as old as time! I've bought my dad clothes but it's not really what he wants in his heart of hearts. He will appreciate a nice polo, tie, or good fitting suit but he's just not going to get excited about that stuff!

My dad, Barry, has a new arch nemesis. A squirrel who continues to eat from his bird feeders. This makes him FURIOUS! He has even gone to the lengths of putting red pepper flakes in the bird food because he heard squirrels hate spicy food. This didn't work at all. The squirrel has just been coming back more often because because he likes his food with a little kick. I hate to laugh at this whole situation but I'm not going to lie to you, I do. A lot. I'd love to get my dad something to keep the squirrel away from his bird feeder but I'm not sure what that would be..

New Hampshire Fish and Game took the liberty of reminding us what dad's really want for father's day this year! They posted this hilarious video on their Facebook page:

DADS LOVE FISHING! Brilliant! Buy dad his fishing license online at! And get a fishing trip in the books. Now THAT is something dad will be excited about.

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