There's a lot of talk lately about graduation ceremonies and what to do about them. In Dover, it's a virtual graduation which is what a lot of schools are doing.  In Conway, New Hampshire they are planning something I hadn't heard of before, but i really love it.

Kennett High School Seniors will be receiving their diplomas on the top of Cranmore Mountain!  According to WJAR, the seniors will ride a chair lift to the top of the mountain where they will get their picture taken and be handed their diploma.

The school superintendent tells WJAR that they are abiding by social distancing rules by having an empty chairlift in between each student.  The ceremony will take place on June 13th.

WMUR reports that each student will get four tickets so they can have their family there.  There's even talk about a senior parade following the graduation ceremony.

Across the country, educators and school boards are trying to come up with creative ways to offer some type of graduation for the senior class.  USA Today reports in Arizona, there's a graduation ceremony that will allow students to walk across the stage and receive a diploma from their a hologram!  Ok, that's pretty cool.

My favorite that I've seen so far? Kids getting to drive their cars on famous racetracks to receive their diploma. According to ESPN, there are ceremonies planned for Daytona International Speedway, Texas Motor Speedway, and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway!

Love all the creativity trying to make sure students don't feel like they missed out this year!


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