The accused says he's entitled to a portion of his grandfather's estate, but family is blocking him.

According to WMUR News 9, Nathan Carman said he can't afford to hire a lawyer, so he wants access up to a quarter of a million dollars of his trust fund so he can get one. A huge stumbling block is the fact he is accused of killing the same man who's estate he wants to access.

John Chakalos, Carman's grandfather was killed in Connecticut. However, according to WMUR News 9, the case is being held in New Hampshire, as Chakalos had a house in West Chesterfield, NH.

Currently, the accused is trying to raise money for council by selling his house. According to WMUR, he said, "right now, it's listed for $80,000. We've had some people look at it, but it's not selling. There's nothing immediately in the works there."

Three of Carman's aunts are trying to withhold access to the Chakalos fortune because their sister, Carman's mother, is believed to be lost at sea in an incident the accused survived.

It was reported that a special purpose trustee has been appointed that could have given Carman money for his defense, but lawyers for the aunts said Carman never was able to prove to that trustee that he needed the funds.

The trial is scheduled for January 2019.

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