A South Hampton man is lucky to have escaped rabies after being bit by a rabid bat.

According to WMUR TV, 86-year-old, Roy Syvertson was sitting in a comfortable chair in his home and flipped open his iPad case as he usually does to enjoy his evening. After he sat for some time using his iPad, he felt what he says was like a bee sting on his finger.

It was when he looked at the back of the case that he discovered the furry creature, the news station reported. He took quick action and squeezed the case together and took the bat outside.

In the morning, he checked on the creature, and it was still there. WMUR stated, but later that night he discovered that the bat had died.

Roy knew this was not a good sign.

A quick call to Fish and Game urged him to immediately proceed to the hospital.  The bat was positive for rabies, the news station reported.

Roy has begun treatment for the disease, and it appears he will be just fine.

According to WMUR TV, when asked how the bat found its way into his iPad case in his home, he said: “He probably knew my password.”

Here’s wishing him a speedy recovery, and I hope he changes that password!

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