Grabbing life by its horns might be a good idea, but definitely NOT recommended for an actual bull.

One New Hampshire man found that out the hard way on Friday night.

It all started in Brentwood, NH. According to WMUR, two bulls got loose and wandered onto Meadows Mirth Farm.  Owner Josh Jennings was able to calm them down and get them off his crops, while awaiting the arrival of the police and the owner.

All seemed to be going well as the owner and police blocked off traffic to get them home.   WMUR reports that things started going downhill when a bystander jumped in to the fray.

According to the news channel, despite several warnings to stay back, the man jumped in and grabbed one of the bulls "by the horns".   That didn't go well for him, as the bull gored the man.

He was then taken to Exeter Hospital with serious non-life threatening injuries.

The sad part of the story is that because of the attack, police were forced to shoot both bulls.

Officer Bob Gagnon tells Union Leader:

“He was told to stay back multiple times and he didn’t listen. Another gentleman who was on scene yelled as well and it did not sink in, apparently,”

Sgt. Daniel Wicks of Brentwood Police Department agrees, telling WMUR that the whole situation could have been avoided:

“I think it’s very tragic, I just saw the farmer. He’s very upset about it, and it was probably avoidable if the person had avoided the bull and did was he had been told to do.”





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