Imagine watching your house go up in flames from thousands of miles away. Unfortunately, there's an app for that.

It's been over a week since the New England Patriots picked up a Super Bowl victory. Parades, hangovers, and jubilation have run their course. Most everything has returned to normal, but not for everyone.

Michael Todesca's Hampstead, New Hampshire home is still nearly destroyed. Last Sunday night, while the Pats were heading towards victory, he was in a Chicago bar, when he received an alert on his phone from a security app. It wasn't a weather notification. His house was burning.

Todesca told WMUR News 9 "I looked at it. It looked like a white screen,” Todesca said. “Didn't think anything of it and put the phone in my pocket. It happened again, a third, a fourth time. And by the fourth time, I thought the worst. I'm like, ‘I think somebody broke into my house.’”

After a neighbor called, he knew it was bad. "Right then and there, everything just went blank.” “Nothing else mattered in the world. I was looking at my phone camera, and I was basically watching my house being put in flames."

"I felt so helpless.”

While most of the home was lost, one item wasn't. A Patriots football signed by wide receiver (and game MVP) Julian Edelman.

A GoFundMe page has been set up for Todesca.





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