Cable.  I literally don't know what i would do without it right now.  We've all been watching a whole lot of television and surfing the 'net.   Parents are also depending on their internet for home schooling and remote learning.

Coronavirus has caused many of us to try to figure out what bills we can eliminate and cable may just be one of them. While it's a luxury, it's not a necessity.  Internet...not sure what we'd do without that!

Well, you may not need to think about getting rid of either. is reporting that some cable and internet companies are offering a break on your bill.  In some cases it might be even be free!

As you would expect, the cable companies are seeing a big upturn in usage.  According to, Comcast has seen a 33% increase in uploads, and video conferencing dramatically up as well.

Back in March, Comcast announced they would not disconnect Xfinity internet, mobile or voice service. is reporting they have now extended that until the end of June.

So if you're having trouble paying your bill, what steps should you take?  Call a Comcast customer service representative and explain your situation, according to the article.

If you're not a Comcast user, NHBR is reporting that you can still use their Xfinity Wi-Fi hot spots where they are offering a lot of free content including movies, educational material, and even fitness videos. I may need a few of those by the time this pandemic is over!

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