Are you tired of cooking or ordering takeout? I SURE AM! Two months is long enough! Today restaurants will be open in the Granite State for outdoor dine in service only.  Things will look a little different but it is one step closer to normalcy and I am here for it.

According to WMUR, expect to see a lot of restaurants that don't typically offer outdoor seating start offering it. Places are adding tables to their sidewalks or putting picnic tables in their parking lots to be able to serve the public. A few other restrictions and guidelines have been mapped out so we know what to expect:

  •  6 people to a table is the maximum
  • Tables will be spaced at least 6 feet apart
  • Employees are required to wear a mask
  • Many restaurants have switched over to plastic utensils and disposable plates and cups
  • It is strongly urged that you call-ahead, all dining areas have to be sanitized regularly so that could increase wait times
  • If you need to wait for a table it is likely you will be asked to wait in your car so crowds can be avoided
  • Customers are asked to bring a mask. Wearing a mask at the table is not required but if you need to go inside to use the restroom you must wear it.
  • It is likely that restroom occupancy will be limited

NBC Boston released an awesome article about what we can expect. Things won't feel normal by any stretch but this is progress and it's exciting! Will you be going to a restaurant this week? If so where?

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