On June 1st the NH SPCA received an animal cruelty complaint and went on site with the police to investigate the property. What they found was truly upsetting.

These animals were living in filthy overcrowded conditions and not receiving even the basic care they needed. 50 animals in total were rescued including 2 horses, a mother dog and her 4 puppies, 27 rabbits and 15 guinea pigs.

The horses and dogs were removed from the property immediately as they needed urgent care. It appeared that the dogs had worms and the horses were underweight and hadn't been receiving proper hoof care.


 “It is always devastating to see animals that were entrusted to the care of humans and those humans failed to provide it,” said Lisa Dennison, Executive Director of the New Hampshire SPCA.

Thankfully the animals are now in the trusting hands of the NH SPCA and can begin their slow road to recovery.


Though some of them just need time and proper care, others need more extensive treatment like vaccinations and veterinary care. This is why they are turning to the public for assistance.

If you are able to make even a small donation towards the recovery treatment for these animals, your contribution to the SOS Fund would be greatly appreciated. With a little help, these animals have a chance at a long and healthylives.