The state of New Hampshire Department of Education shared chilling online messages about potential school shootings for Friday made via TikTok and Snapchat in an alert to school districts.

The NH Journal first reported that the Department of Safety’s Information and Analysis Center sent the alert about a possible shooting on Friday, Dec. 17.

"The NHIAC is NOT aware of any credible threats pertaining to any specific schools or locations," read the bulletin.

No specific school or district in New Hampshire or anywhere else is mentioned in the message but suggested districts arrange with law enforcement for an increased presence on Friday.

The New Hampshire Department of Education released examples of the chilling messages found online.

"Many schools will be getting many school $ho0t!ng$ (sic) and b0mb (sic) threats on December 17 Friday please be aware i recommend skipping if you don't feel safe. And to all students techears (sic)I hope you all come home safe and sound please share this."

Another read in part, "they shooting up the school on December 17th last day of school so don't go and I'm not joking why would I joke about something like this."

Increased Police Presence at Seacoast Schools

SAU 16 will have an increased police presence on Friday as a precaution, according to Superintendent Dr. David Ryan.

“Safety is always a high priority for us across SAU 16 and while we will continue our current safety policies and procedures, receiving the news that the threat was not credible was certainly well received and we appreciate Homeland Security’s efforts to quickly and thoroughly investigate these threats," Ryan told Seacoast Current in a statement. "Our SAU director of security and administrators are remaining vigilant and as an added level of security, local law enforcement have already expressed their plan for increased presence around our schools tomorrow.”

Portsmouth schools will also have a larger police presence on Friday.

"You may observe a heightened police presence around our schools for morning drop-off and afternoon dismissal. We are confident that our schools will remain safe and ask that you remain vigilant and report any concerns to local law enforcement." Superintendent Steve Zadravec said.

Examples of threats made online about school shootings on Dec. 17
Examples of threats made online about school shootings on Dec. 17 (NH Department of Education)

A threat was made against Timberlane Regional High School on Tuesday that turned out to be unfounded. However, rumors about the threat persisted on social media.

"There was no legitimate threat made regarding the safety of teachers and students at Timberlane High School. There were unsubstantiated rumors that became rampant over social media, but were found to have no basis," Plaistow Police Sgt. Jason Mazza told Seacoast Current.

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