Get ready to hit the slopes for CHEAP this winter.

Skiing is expensive. Like, hundreds of dollars expensive. Between the food, drive, rentals, and actual lift tickets, a full ski day could cost you at least $300.

And the majority of that price is coming from the ticket.

From my experience, tickets to most ski mountains in New England are around $100. Some ski resorts are reasonably priced at around $80. However, bigger New England ski mountains are charging $120+ for a pass.

Not at one New England ski mountain. Cochrans Ski Area has $5 Fridays, meaning you can ski and ride for only $5 between 5 PM to 8 PM.

I love this for so many reasons.

Night skiing is the best. There is something about being under the lights on the bright white snow that makes skiing far more enjoyable.

Also, it's certainly worth mentioning that the location of this mountain is perfect. It is only 20 minutes away from Burlington, Vermont.

Burly, as many call it, is one of my favorite places in all of New England. The bar and shopping scene is unmatched.

The $5 rate is brilliant. Mountains that charge an arm and a leg to stand in long lines and have icey slopes STINK.

Face it, if you spend $100 on a ticket and the mountain is icey, you're furious. Or, if the conditions on the mountain are okay but you paid $100 for a ticket, you ski all day to try and "make your money's worth."

This often leads to staying far longer than you should, tired legs, and potential injury. All that to say, for $5, who cares?

If the conditions are not the best, leave. You only paid $5. Furthermore, if you get to the mountain late, have to leave early, or start to feel tired, you don't feel guilty leaving.

I would easily pay $5 for a run or two during night skiing. Would you?

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