If you're a motorcyle enthusiast, Laconia Bike Week is a dream.  It takes place in June in Laconia, NH and began as a gypsy tour back in 1916, according to laconiamcweek.com.

The week is jam packed with fun events like gypsy rides, live music, a boardwalk and more!  It takes place on the Boardwalk of Lakeside Avenue, right in Weirs Beach.

With so many things getting cancelled right now due to the Coronavirus, many have been wondering if this too will get postponed.

The Board of Directors for Laconia Motorcyle Week issued a press statement saying they are holding a meeting to try to decide whether or not to postpone from June 13th-21st to August 22nd-30th.

The plans right now call for a decision to be made by April 30th.

The Executive Director for the Laconia Motorcycle Week Association Charlie St. Clair says  “this could be a huge boost for morale of not just motorcycle enthusiasts but everyone in the region, this event brings millions of dollars to the state.  Not only that, we’ll have been cooped up inside for over a month.  What better way to tell the world we’re returning to normal when we hear the familiar June roar of motorcycles returning to Weirs Beach?”

The board says they are optimistic the rally will still be held in June.

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