If you're like me, seeing the northern lights is on your bucket list.

Well, some of us may have missed our shot in New Hampshire, because the northern lights were glowing over Winnipesaukee last weekend.

Don't worry, you and I will see them in our life. We have to manifest it. There are certain spots to head to this year to see them. I'll get to that.

The northern lights are not always visible in New Hampshire, and when they are, they are sometimes less than impressive.

Not last weekend, though. Lake Winnipesaukee saw some of the best northern lights I have seen in the state, period. Let alone in New England.

Check out this incredible time-lapse taken by a photographer over Lake Winni from last weekend:

According to a Canadian Space Agency article:

The northern lights, or aurora borealis, are a spectacular, colourful display of light commonly seen in the night sky in the northern hemisphere. Auroras in the southern hemisphere are known as the southern lights, or aurora australis.

Both the northern lights and the southern lights are polar lights, or aurora polaris, because they occur near Earth's magnetic poles.

When you think of the northern lights, you often think of Alsaka or the North and South Poles. But the northern lights are certainly visible in our state, as well as others in New England.

"Ryan Knapp, a meteorologist for the Mt. Washington Observatory, a scientific and educational nonprofit atop that peak, has seen the northern lights about three dozen times in the past 15 years," according to a New York Times article. '“I’ve seen sunset-to-sunrise displays.'”

One of the best spots to see the northern lights in New England is Acadia National Park, according to NY Times:

Ideal spots for viewing the lights are on the north end of the park, at the easily accessible Jordan Pond on Mt. Desert Island or down on the Schoodic Peninsula, away from the lights of town, on Schoodic Head. If the aurora is absent, the stargazing is usually superb in this region.

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